At Happy Hemp, our main focus is our patrons and to provide them with warm, friendly, and knowledgeable experience every time they walk through our doors. 

Best place I’ve been to. I go out of my way to come here and experience the top notch service and selection.  | Leafly Review

        Our staff has become its own little family, and our family is committed to our patients by being honest, open, and relatable. We work hard to ensure that our patrons’ questions are answered and concerns are listened to. We want every patient, every time, to walk out of Happy Hemp with a smile on their face!

Oklahoma's Friendliest Cannabis Dispensary.

The relationships with our patrons are a first priority and we invest time, effort, and research into our product selection so that we can be confident that we are providing the best experience possible to our fellow Okies!

At Happy Hemp, we have three main requirements in the products we are researching to provide to our patrons…

  • Products must be as unique as possible as compared to other local medical cannabis dispensaries.
  • All products must meet or (preferably) exceed current standards in the Oklahoma cannabis industry.
  • The source of the product(s) must be reputable and conduct business within the legal boundaries as enforced by the State of Oklahoma.

Come check us Out!

        We are open 7 days a week and have friendly & knowledgeable staff. We are ready to answer your questions and help you with your cannabis needs. Located near Choctaw Casino and Southeastern Oklahoma State University, we are easy to get to! We have an ATM for your convenience and a large selection of cannabis products for you to choose from.

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Why choose Happy Hemp . . ?

ATM Access

If you forgot to stop at your bank and grab some cash, don't worry! We have an on-site ATM at your convenience and disposal.

Leafly Pickup™

We're always looking for ways to make your experience as convenient as possible. Luckily, we're partnered with Leafly to help make that possible through Leafly Pickup™!

Late Close Times

If you've had a long or busy day, there's no need to be concerned. We operate from 9AM to 10PM; Mon-Sat, and from 10AM to 8PM on Sundays!.

Place an online Order for pickup through Leafly Pickup™ today!

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